RJGL-01 Veterinary Stainless steel cages

1) The cage structure is reasonable, super pressure-bearing, sturdy and durable. Exquisite workmanship.

2) Sliding door lock design, automatic locking, silent, and safety.

3) Rounded corner design, easy to clean.

4) 4 universal brake wheels, which are silent, wear-resistant, and easy to move and fix.

5) Size can be customized

Material: 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-free

Cage:1.2mm thickness 

Cage door: 8mm diameter and 6mm diameter wire. 

Pedal mesh: Diameter 10mm and diameter 4mm. 

Dirt receiving basin: 0.8mm thickness

Wheels: High-strength universal brake wheels.

Size: L1220xD700xH1570mm

Upper cage: L610xD700xH715

Bottom layer: L610xD700xH715

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