RJGLO-05 In-Hospital Oxygen Cage (with power supply)


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1) The cage structure is reasonable, super pressure-bearing, sturdy and durable. Exquisite workmanship.

2) Sliding door lock design, automatic locking, silent, and safety.

3) Rounded corner design, easy to clean.

4) 4 universal brake wheels, which are silent, wear-resistant, and easy to move and fix.

5) Bevel edge design for the dirty tray, easy to clean.

6) Equipped with oxygen hatch, that with thermometer and hygrometer, adjustable Air Vent, Oxygen inlet.

7) The middle seperation board is removable which available for big dog walk in.

8) With power supply

9) Size can be customized

Material: 304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-free

Cage:1.2mm thickness 

Cage door: 8mm diameter and 6mm diameter wire. High-strength acrylic

Mesh: Diameter 10mm and diameter 4mm. 

Dirty tray: 0.8mm thickess

Wheels: High-strength universal brake wheels.

Size: L1220xD700xH1570mm

Upper cage: L610xD700xH610mm

Bottom layer: L1220xD700xH820mm

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